Jul 3, 2013

I was going to go off on Pliny the Elder cult worshippers today,

But, will save my wrath for them until tomorrow.

Wrapped around our Marriage Equality victories last week is an seemingly unending rash of terrible political defeats and just general crap:  The GOP's War on Women, The Voting Rights decision, Snowden, Greenwald, Paula Deen, Immigration Reform, the delay for ACA, et cetera et cetera et cet a bloody cetera, ...

But, I am going to focus on the frickin Right to Choose struggle right now, and am going to cede the floor to blogging legend Charlie Pierce right here.

Never flipping forget that absolutely none of this GOP crap has anything to do with a woman's health.  This is all about vanquishing clinics, making it nearly impossible to even have a right to choose in states that pass these shitty unconstitutional bills.  In Texas there would be five clinics! In Virginia, one! 

And, big bad old asshat Rubio is now trying to build up his cred again, after the teabaggers have ditched him on account of the whole Amnesty Amnesty Amnesty For All! crap.  He is introducing to the Senate the twenty week limit with absolutely no exceptions, even in the case of rape or incest.

The GOP seriously seem to think they can win nationally with this shit, with pissing off all people of color and  women.

The problem is that even though this strategy is a dud at the national level.  It plays great at your local bar, coffeehouse, and state house.  And, that is where the good guys are getting their asses kicked every damn day.  

Do something! Let the world flipping know we can not take this anymore.  Vote in all elections, not just the General.  Organize, get on the barricades! Donate! Do something.  There is a nation to win, a nation we might actually become proud of on flipping holidays like July 4th.

P.S.:  Man, it is gonna be an Au Pairs marathon for me the next few days!

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