Jul 1, 2013

I had forgotten how good Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is.

It is merely a trifle, a truffle, a bon bon, but what an absolutely scrumptious treat nonetheless.

Three of my faves: Frances McDormand, Amy Adams, & Shirley Henderson
It plays like a Paramount Hollywood pre code picture, but was made in 2008.  It is sexy, glamourous, and sweet.  And the dizzying, breakneck speed at which it flies gives off the subtle impression that the film was shot in one take as the world's longest tracking shot.

Amy Adams is superb, and sexy as all get-out, of course, as an aspiring American actress, lounging in bubble baths, and traipsing round the flat in lingerie.  And, they give her a chance to sing, too.  But my favorite acting moments are Frances McDormand eating those cucumber slices -- she is so desperately hungry! -- and Shirley Henderson's awkwardly attractive walk towards her friends, wanting to show off her new engagement ring.

Plus, the film has a couple of my other fave actors:  Mark Strong, and Ciarán Hinds.

Miss Pettigrew might not be everybody's cup of tea, but it certainly hit the spot for me yesterday on a blisteringly hot and gorgeous day and a wonderful home date w/ the Wife.


But, then in honor of our new kitty, Eleanor (Nora Charles), I watched The Thin Man after my Sweetie fell asleep:

All my love,

Our new little calico angel, Nora Charles.

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