Jul 10, 2013

I absolutely love my new NYT weekender subscription.

It took me about a half dozen hours just to get through the oodles of fantastic writing on Sunday. I loved the magazine, the Arts section -- more on this in a minute -- the Week in review, the Travel section (our cat Molly loved the Travel section, literally to pieces), the front page, even the Sports section was updated w/ most of Saturday's baseball results, and had a lengthy article on the Swingin' Oakland A's (and their crappy ballpark.)

But, my new NYT crush (along with Manohla Dargis and Paul Krugman) has got to be Alistair Macaulay, the NYT's dance critic.  His lengthy and fascinating article on the state of  American-born ballerinas today was the best thing I have read about dance in ages, and even name checked two ballerinas I just saw in The Nutcracker, Sarah Van Patten and Vanessa Zahorian, last December.

Yeh, yeh, yeh, I am going through a whole other new balletomane thing again right now.  (Get over it!) And, I have a feeling Mr Macaulay is just the man able to guide me through this world "neutered by nylon", as Spy Magazine said way back in the day.

Here is the linky to Macaulay's great article.

Sarah Van Patten, SF Ballet

Vanessa Zahorian, SF Ballet

Kisses on both cheeks!

P.S.  An aside to my Mum, Macaulay reviewed a Ballet Austin performance this week, as well, at Ballet Across America.

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