Sep 12, 2013

Alright, Nick C

Here in the trenches of the Great Documentary War between Nick C and myself, I had been "up" on Nick C by having watched West of Memphis.  He had not seen it yet, but he was "up" on me, because he had seen Dear Zachary, and I hadn't.

But then he did see West of Memphis, and the Wife and I did watch Dear Zachary (Dear Zachary is a gripping sober cautionary tale about families and mental instability -- and is highly recommended -- but be warned, you will alternately be heartbroken and angry all the way through the film), and then Nick C finally watched The Most Dangerous Man in America, so I had to do something last night! And then bam.

Alright Nick C.  The ball is back in your court, because I watched Sarah Polley's The Stories We Tell.

The Stories We Tell has got to go right up on the dais with West of Memphis and What Maisie Knew as one of the three best films I have seen this year.  (Frances Ha, Blue Jasmine, History of the Eagles, and The World's End are all honorable mention.)  Ms Polley has crafted a deeply moving documentary about her own life that challenges her audience to try and see many different versions of a story all at the same time.  She has created a cubist film, if you will.  And, she has done it with such grace and elegance and panache that you feel as if you were watching a conjurer on stage.

I really can not say more than that.  You really have to see it.  I am still under its spell this morning, and I desperately do not want to ruin anything for any one who has not seen it yet.

Great stuff.


PS:  Nick C, I still think you should watch History of the Eagles, though I know you never will.

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