Sep 30, 2013

You're welcome! The Wife and I saw Prisoners, so you don't have to!

It was all my fault, too.  We could have seen In A World ... instead, but I, for whatever misguided reason, thought that Prisoners with its power packed cast would be a fun popcorn munching thriller.

"Where's my daughter?! I am Wolverine!"

Boy, was I wrong.  And, I apologized to my Wife already for dragging her to this travesty.  So many loose ends, so many unbelievable plot points, lots and lots of completely gratuitous violence and car chase mayhem.  Maria Bello? What were you thinking? She spends the entire film in a drugged out stupor.  Hugh Jackman is so bad.  Jake Gyllenhall is alright, and Melissa Leo and Paul Dano were the best things in it.  Do not, I repeat, do not see this motion picture.

This is the French Canadian director's first film in English.  Maybe this film is much better in French?


And, gosh, did we learn
After two and a half hours:
Prisoners are us


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