Sep 23, 2013

Very Brief Thoughts on Cheers

(This very brief post is a response I made to a friend on friendface, re whether I preferred Coach over Woody.)

Diane trivia:  What is the name of Diane's unpublished novel? And, what Edward Albee play did she perform the lead in in college? Answers below.

Actually, Meghan, I marginally prefer Woody over Coach. But, even though I admire Cheers' ability to stay hilarious and great throughout its entire run, I do prefer the Diane years to the Rebecca ones. I thought the writing was much smarter and more adult when Shelley Long was on the program. And, the sexual tension between Long and Ted Danson was palpable, real, and grown-up. The Rebecca years, though v funny, became more reliant on a broader type of humor, that I am less fond of. Still, Cheers, is obv an American teevee treasure.


Answers:  Diane's novel was called Jocasta's Conundrum.  And she played the lead in Albee's Tiny Alice.

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