Sep 5, 2013

Can I just get on the record here,

And say that the idea of bombing Syria right now is really just about the shittiest, stupidest idea ever.

It is especially a shitty idea right now.  When Congress gets back to business next week, and votes yes on this awful "Targeted Strike" resolution, then, right after that, the GOP will do every thing in its power to wipe out food stamps all together, and will be holding the country hostage on the debt ceiling, trying to get all the good parts of Obamacare repealed in return.

You got that right.  Plenty of dosh for bombing innocent civilians in a far off country that is in a region where the United States should have an indefinite Time Out punishment.  Meanwhile, folks in this country who desperately need assistance with making ends meet, and getting affordable health care, well, Fuck you.  Get a job, hippie!

No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.


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