Oct 10, 2013

It has been fantastic watching The Thick of It

Right before I go to bed, and then the reality television show, The Shutdown, as I fall asleep, and then The Shutdown, yet again, when I wake up, and then The Thick of It before I go to bed, and, etc, ...

Please stay tough, guys.

Alright, folks.  Here is the scoop:  Boehner's latest deal is a complete non-starter, and he is offering it only to try and embarrass Democrats.  In the past I would have believed that the Dems would have caved on this one, but I do not feel like that now.  Boehner knows that he will not have enough GOP votes to extend the debt ceiling limit another six weeks (thanks to the Winger Teabaggers) and will have to depend on Democratic votes to pass the thing.  The Democrats will naturally want the Shutdown to end and the Debt Ceiling extended until Fall 2014, and will demand those concessions for those votes.  Boehner will not agree to this, and cry, "Bloody murder! These Democrats are treasonous! Why do they keep dissing us?"  And, the Shutdown and Debt Ceiling impasse will maintain.

Kabuki Theater.

They are going to reach an agreement eventually on the Debt Ceiling.  And, the GOP will cave.  It could happen when Boehner comes crying to Pelosi for those votes like I just talked about. Which could possibly mean the Shutdown ends, too.  Or, it will happen a different way, at the very last minute next week.

It is entirely possible that the Shutdown could go on in to November.  Fucking travesty!

And, the GOP do not seem to be talking about the ACA (Obamacare) anymore.  Is not that funny? Now, they want to gut Social Security and Medicare without any tax increases.  Which, sadly, is something Obama has been very keen to agree to in the past.  That is, like I have discussed before in this space, where we are most likely headed.

No matter who you vote for, right?


Meanwhile, in Nebraska ... This is what the Grand Old Party thinks about a woman's right to choose.

The story goes like this:  There is a sixteen year old girl who is four months pregnant.  She is under care of foster parents, because her mother is a drug abuser, and her father abused her.  In Nebraska, if you are under seventeen years of age, you must have parental consent for an abortion.  Her foster parents do not know she is pregnant, and would likely kick her out of the house if they did know, so she took her case all the way to the Nebraska Supreme Court for an exception to the law.  The Supremes shot that down a couple of days ago.  In their judgement the Supremes declared that girl is "not sufficiently mature" to get an abortion.

But, plenty mature to be forced to have a baby, right?

Makes you sick.

Please donate to Planned Parenthood or NARAL today.  And, please vote in every single election.


Michael David Spitler

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