Oct 14, 2013

It looks like we have a deal.

I am not crazy about it, but the Dems stayed pretty damn tough.


The debt ceiling will be raised and extended until next Summer.  The Shutdown will end until round Xmas time, when we go through all this again, as the House and Senate debate the budget for the country.  Paul Ryan and his crew will want to gut Social Security and Medicare, and the Dems will fight for revenue increases (taxes.)

There is a school of thought that the GOP will not at all be willing to highjack the debt ceiling again next year, what with the midterms happening in 2014.  But, I am not convinced.  The GOP seems to be so sociopathically unhinged these days that nothing those yahoos do or say anymore even remotely shocks me.

To that point, Tailgunner Rafael Cruz (or any Senate GOP asshat, for that matter, i.e.  Graham, Paul, Coburn, etc, ... ) could completely wreck the current deal being brokered in the White House right now just because.  Because Freedom! Or whatever.

I am also not convinced about the debt ceiling being held hostage again next year because I honestly believe that many members of the GOP seriously want to default.  They really do.

What a flipping mess.  We will see how this deal goes down with the President and John Boehner today and see what happens next.

Michael David Spitler

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