Oct 1, 2013

POTUS is about to speak here any minute,

And, I hope he stands firm on the latest GOP debacle.  It is pretty frickin' hilarious how the press is savaging the GOP for their latest government shutdown on the same day that the main thrust of the ACA (Obamacare) goes in to effect.

And, how are folks liking Obamacare today?

Check out this link to Balloon Juice.

Do not ever forget that the reason the GOP hate the ACA is because they know how popular it will be once it is up and running.  Of course, there will be glitches, and problems, but once it is in full force, it will be very very popular.  Heck, the Heritage Foundation (a GOP "think tank" and lobbying organization) essentially came up with the program for the ACA to begin with.  Obama was extremely shrewd to embrace the moniker, Obamacare.  Because, now and forever his name will be attached to good legislation that the GOP will always be attached to wanting to destroy.

Whose Waterloo, indeed?


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