Oct 18, 2013

These are strange days indeed for me at work right now.

I am the kind of guy that after big US wins against Mexico likes to wear his Everton FC Landon Donovan jersey.  And, I have taken some heat for it.  Nothing at all really bad.  Mainly some dirty looks, and one guy once said, "I really really hate that guy [Donovan]."

But, after last Tuesday evening, suddenly all my Mexican supporters love me, and are genuinely thankful to me as some sort of representation of the USMNT that allowed El Tri to still have a shot at making next year's World Cup.

I am going to enjoy it for as long as I can.  Because I know that the next time these two nations suit up again against each other in a meaningful match, that all this love will most likely be forgotten.


A couple of notes:

* These qualifying matches against New Zealand for Mexico will be no walk in the park.  The Kiwis were the only team to not lose a match in the 2010 World Cup.  (They drew all three matches, including one against football powerhouse Italy, which essentially knocked Italy out of the tournament.) The Kiwis are a gutty and resourceful team that are very disciplined defensively, and make up for their lack of style and flashy form with simple hard work.  They are bright in the corners and tough.  And Mexico's bewildering problem right now, and has been all year, is they can not score.  I have a Kiwi friend at work, too.  So, these two matches in November will be essential viewing for me.

* Plus, your heart just has to sink for poor Panama.  They have never been to the World Cup before, and were so close.  First, Mexico scores against them late with a miracle bicycle kick.  And then while Mexico is losing to Costa Rica a few days later the United States scores twice against them in injury time.  Maybe next time Panama.  Very sad.

* What is up with the guy watching Family Guy in the corner, too?

De nada,

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