Dec 27, 2013

American Hustle

Was quite good, and the Wife and I both enjoyed it.  Plus, seeing the film on Xmas Day with a packed house made it even more fun.  (It sounded like one person tried to applaud when the credits began to roll, saw it was not on, and gave up.)

It is a film I think I would like to own, and Renee said she would like another crack at it, just so she can try and work out some kinks in the somewhat convoluted story line.  The film is kind of a mess, and seems rushed.  I think it definitely could have used an edit job, and I wished it was funnier.

"Christian, honey, there is something in your beard."

There were certainly some very funny moments in the picture.  I just wish they had gone more in the direction of, say, Lubitsch or Hitchcock.  More laughs.  More Champagne.

As a critic and viewer I am toughest on this genre than any other.  And, I have been personally searching for my personal Holy Grail of this type of film.  Moreover, now, I think I have made it even tougher after seeing American Hustle.  I want a major Hollywood production, loaded with star power that is an adult sexy thriller of a film, and is perfect all the way through, that truly merits applause in the theater.  Carlos is close.  Body Heat.  Chinatown.  But, like I said, after seeing this latest attempt, I think now I want the film to be really funny, too.

American Hustle came pretty dang close, though.

I would like to say that as much as I admire Christian Bale's formidable acting talents, I kind of have a hankering for him to start doing more comedies and 'personality actor' roles.  I am a little over the beards and the accents, and the massive weight fluctuations.  I would like to see him play Christian Bale in a movie, I think.  That is sort of what he did in Velvet Goldmine.  I want more of that.


Sorry I have not posted in a while. You know I love you all.  It has been a long crazy busy hectic holiday, natch, and I still have one more holiday to go, me being in the wine biz, and all.

My folks get in town today for the weekend! That is going to be a lot of fun.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

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