Dec 18, 2013

Finally! I got to see Twenty Feet From Stardom last night.

And, I would strongly urge anyone who is reading this now to change their viewing plans for this week, and make some time for one of the best films of 2013.

It ain't perfect.  But, it is worth it alone for the video above.  That is Merry Clayton's isolated vocal track on Gimme Shelter.  She was pregnant, and rousted out of bed to take a couple of passes for the Stones' song.  She wore her pajamas to the session, with her hair in curlers, wrapped in a Chanel scarf.

In the film version, they include the Stones whooping in the studio to get her ready for her second take, and you gotta love Mick's whoo! during Clayton's pass.

Ms Clayton blew the fucking doors off that studio that night.  Mick who?

Mwah, ... 

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