Dec 17, 2013

I have just begun watching Scandal,

And I am near the end of the first season.  And, I like it a great deal.  The reasons I like it are:

  • They almost always seem to get a STAX song in to an episode
  • The snappy (mannered, but it's okay) His Girl Friday dialogue
  • Joshua Malina
  • The fact that Scandal displays so perfectly that everyone has skeletons in their closet, and that therefore everyone is vulnerable.  There is always room for compromise and negotiation (even if it involves blackmail) in the Scandal universe.  That is actually an old political truism that has been completely obliterated post-Watergate and post the advent of Cable News and the internet
  • Huck
  • How the mysteries are actually provided for you to solve (The Wife and I almost always figure them out, especially the Wife), and that they are not impenetrable or "closed", or so ridiculous as to defy explanation
  • Much of the "inside baseball" stuff about how to run a political campaign, or spin as a press secretary would
  • The fast-paced, good-natured popcorn munching quality of the whole enterprise.  It's fun! 
  • Mimi Kennedy
Now, I am not so crazy about the whole love story (which is a lot of the point, I know), but if they keep providing fun juicy political mysteries for me, we will get on like a house on fire.

Plus, gosh dang it, it is just so good to see Paris from Gilmore Girls working again! (I know I know.  She's already dead.  I miss her already.)

I miss the Gilmore Girls.

Mwah, ... 

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