Dec 16, 2013

The state of Michigan

Has come up with a dandy new law that essentially forces all its ladyparts citizens to purchase rape insurance.

Starting in March 2014, Michigan health insurers will not be allowed to offer abortion in their coverage except in cases where the woman's life is in danger.  Folks with ladyparts in Michigan instead will have to purchase a separate new policy (that does not exist yet) in anticipation that they might be raped, and/or would possibly want an abortion.

But it gets better.  Even in cases of rape or incest, if said ladypart lady wants her abortion covered but has not purchased said special insurance (that does not exist yet) beforehand, well, she is SOL.

Look.  This bill is dead in the water already.  It will be tested in the courts, and demolished.  And, the Michigan GOP know this.  This is a deliberate poke in the eye to all women across our country.  The GOP does not like women, and I do not see that attitude changing any time in our near future.  It is disgusting.  UGH!


Meanwhile, on a much lighter note, I had a good chuckle over tea last Friday, reading Jeremy W. Peters' NYT story about how Harry Reid has gone too far this time, what with his using the nuclear option, and finally getting so many of those backlogged presidential appointments confirmed.  Gosh dang it, if the Senate might have their holiday plans scuppered this year! The poor lambs!

The GOP blame Harry Reid, natch, whilst clutching their pearls.  The incivility! Yet, no one in the GOP Senate caucus think that using every single technicality they have at their disposal, including holding up every single confirmation for a day-long "debate" has anything to do with why they are still at the Senate, and not knocking back eggnog 'round the fire with their families.

Those day-long debates are awfully long, and the GOP have got to say a whole lot of really really stupid shit just to keep the lights on.  But the money quote for me has got to be (Ayn) Rand Paul, who said, “Senate Democrats have for petty partisan reasons taken away the power of Congress, taken away one of the checks and balances on a rogue presidency.” (Italics mine.)

I know he has time to fill.  He has got to keep obstructin' up a storm, and is liable to say just about anything, but, it would be nice if someone from the frickin' Courtier Press could please ask him exactly what he means by a "rogue presidency".

Does Paul mean Obama is not eligible to be president? Or, that the past two elections have been rigged? Please tell us what you mean, Senator.

These asshats are not public servants.  They are ... well ... asshats!


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