Oct 15, 2014

A big happy birthday shout out to my Da, Andy!

(And, your present is on its way.  And, it is not McCabe & Mrs Miller.  You will get it next Wednesday.)

But I use this clip below just to show what a massive and positive impact my father has had on me.  On how I look at and appreciate life, and art, and politics, and good manners.  And, how to understand that I am still gonna screw up sometimes, and that I have to own up to my mistakes when they happen, and then try not to repeat them.  He has been a superb model to me for what it means to be a good citizen, and a good person.  Just what a father is supposed to do.

He is also hip enough to appreciate the work of someone like Robert Altman, who brashly fought the Hollywood system with unorthodox sound, editing, photography, story, film length, etc; but still hungered for and thrived within many of Hollywood's most traditional practices.  Altman truly was an Exile on Main Street.  

That is one of the many reasons I love Altman's work.  Maybe Andy agrees with me.

Happy birthday, Bud! Hope you guys have a great dinner tonight! You guys going to Palace?


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