Oct 3, 2014

I am currently rereading

Thomas Pynchon's novel, Inherent Vice.  And, the book is even better the second go around.  I am catching more of the puns and jokes, I guess.

I am checking that book out again because PT Anderson is making a film of the novel, the first film ever of a Pynchon book.  The film debuts tomorrow in New York City at the New York Film Festival.  (It will not get to the rest of us heathens until mid-December.)

I am intrigued and scared for sure.  I respect Anderson's talents as a filmmaker, but I am most certainly not an adoring fan.  I am a besotted Pynchon worshipper, however, so my butt will be firmly planted in to a cinema seat when the film gets to me.  (Even though I am a little worried about Anderson's claim that he was watching movies like Naked Gun and Airplane! for inspiration for this film.)

There was this fantastic NYT article last Sunday, wherein Anderson talks about changing the ending of the book for the film, and working with Pynchon on certain parts of the script! But, the best part of the article is Anderson's fierce dismissal of the notion that Pynchon makes a cameo in the film.

Pynchon is a stone cold genius, for sure.  Here is one of the world's most reclusive and private "celebrities", who has already made two cameos on The Simpsons, both with him being illustrated with a bag over his head, and now, he apparently he is going to do it again in Inherent Vice.

But the genius part is is nobody knows what he looks like.  How will we recognize him? Who on the set knew that Pynchon was actually there.  It could have literally been anybody.

That is just all kinds of brilliance.


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