Oct 9, 2014

I really am trying to have a positive attitude,

And am desperately trying to channel my inner Poppy from Happy-Go-Lucky, but terrible awful things like this keep on happening.  (I wonder if any of those racist yahoos making comments realize that they are not anonymous because the St Louis Post-Dispatch run their comments through facebook?)

This situation appears to be different from the Michael Brown incident (if you believe what the St Louis cops are going to tell you), but once again Charlie Pierce has got it right.  Greater St Louis just does not get any benefit of the doubt right now.

And, I wonder how Major League Baseball feels about the fact that one of its 2014 World Series cities could possibly be hosting games while their city burns.

Trying to keep it positive.  Take a deep breath.  More Peanuts cartoons with Franklin in them. Sally Hawkins as Poppy.  And here:  Have some Booker T & the MGs live, 1970, at the Oakland Coliseum.


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