Oct 16, 2014

Seriously? This is a thing?

You really really really need to read Kyle Wagner's entire GamerGate article for Deadspin. But, because I love you, I am going to give you a shorter version below:

What has happened is that a bunch of basement dwelling, still living with their parents gamer dweebs ("Hey, I want my pop and grilled cheese sandwich now, Mom!") have become incensed over the fact that a fair amount of those icky beings happening to possess ladyparts have decided that they wanta play video games, too.  So, instead of the girls just hanging around, watching the boys play video games, and being on call for them, now they are wrenching the controllers away, and busting the boys nuts at all those first person shooters online.  If that was not bad enough! More recently, the Ladyparts Brigade have also begun to ask the (predominantly male) game producers some really uncomfortable questions.  Questions like, Why do so many of the females in these games all look like Tinkerbell in a chain-mail bikini? Or, Are these really the kind of games that speak to women? Maybe we could try something new? Do I really want to play games that let you rape women?

What a flipping bummer, right?!

Then, one of the loudest and shrillest of the Ladyparts Brigade used her magical ladyparts to seduce a gaming journalist in to giving her brand new Ladypartscentric video game that she created a fabulous review.  Or, so says her spurned ex.  And, he said it online.  And, that is where the fun really begins.  The basement dwellers finally had a cause to cloak their misogyny with! This was really all about journalistic integrity, don't you know! They were tired of the game makers and reviewers litrilly being in bed together.  They had proof.

These asshat gamers then went about doing what they do nearly as well as play First Person Shooters.  They flooded 4chan with hateful comments about all the loudest of the Ladyparts Brigade, and theorized on the hateful things they could do to these women.  They even did some doxxing of these ladies, posted nude photos of them, threatened to kill them, and you know, just regular good fun.

But, you gotta hand it to the troglodytes, they were savvy enough to get an anonymous random Baldwin Brother to become their spokesperson for freedom.  The fact that the best thing on said Baldwin Brother's CV were some character voices for the Halo games was just gravy!

Now, they upped the ante, and are threatening to kill even more of these outspoken ladies.  One event had to be cancelled at Utah State because the campus, like the state, is open carry, and no one there felt confident in protecting the safety of the young woman.

What the fuck, man? What is up with this country sometimes?



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