Feb 15, 2016

GOP South Carolina Primary Prediction

It is going to get tougher picking these Primaries because there are so many states happening over the next three weeks, and for a lot of these states the polling is either non-existent or crappy or both. But I am going to keep going anyway. Today I am predicting a win for Donald Trump in South Carolina on Saturday, 20 February 2016. I think Jeb! will oust cratering Rubio the Robot for third.

Here it is:

20 Feb 2016 South Carolina Primary
Trump 35%
Cruz 21%
Jeb! 16%
Rubio the Robot 13%
Carson 8%
Kasich 7%

Digby, at her blog, Hullabaloo, is totally right. Eventually Jeb, Robotron, and Kasich are going to have to set their sights on Trump and/or Cruz. Otherwise Trump could have this wrapped up by next month. The "establishment" candidates are going to actually have to win some states if they want the nomination.

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