Jun 7, 2011

Films I am eager to see (UPDATE x 2!)

Right now,

1.  Rejoice and Shout!
2.  Midnight in Paris (Check.  Flimsy and fun as silk lingerie.)
3.  The Artist
4.  Drive
5.  Polisse
6.  Shame, starring Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender (no release date yet)
7.  A Dangerous Method, Fassbender again w/ Viggo, and Vincent Cassell, dir Cronenberg, about Freud and Jung, I am not making this up, release date later this year.
8.  The Trip (Check.  An absolute riot, basically a two hour set piece for Brydon & Coogan w/ lots and lots of impressions but a lame, soulful ending that still does not mess up the fun experience.)
9.  Tabloid, an Errol Morris doc about my new fave personality, Joyce McKinney, released July fifteenth.
10.  Le Nom des Gens, a French political satire about a sex pot lefty who "converts" tories by bedding them.

(And, no, I do not have any interest in Tree of Life.  Me and Malick just do not get along anymore, espec after The New World, what a gawdawful picture that was.)

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