Jun 16, 2011


Needs to grow a pair and call their their insane Ryan Voucher Care Budget by its' real name.  They know they have a serious stinker on their hands, so as the "educational roll-out" has failed, they are now lying about it and forcing Dems through the franking rules to lie about it, too.  Most of us on the Left know the GOP hates Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security and we know the GOP wants to destroy all those programs.

So why do not you GOP twits put your big girl panties on and stop lying to the nation, scaring folks?

We get it.  You have hated all those programs since they were installed.  You have screamed that they would all go bankrupt since they were installed, decades now.  (They have not gone bankrupt by the way, and are all still solvent well in to the future.)  Show some real resolve, GOP.  Get tough and be honest with the nation.  Tell the nation how you really feel.

Oh yeah, and then you would not be a political party anymore.  And you are so fond of lying, anyhoo.

Lying cowards.

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