Jun 2, 2011

Here is David Thomson's

"Note" about Wes Anderson in his superb, excellent, wonderful, great, The New Biographical Dictionary of Film, edition four, 2004:

Wes Anderson, b.  Houston, Texas. 1970
1994: Bottle Rocket (s) 1996: Bottle Rocket. 1998; Rushmore. 2001; The Royal Tenenbaums.
2004; The Life Aquatic 

Watch this space.  What does that mean? That he might be something one day.


So, I was at work.  And work has sucked so much lately.  And I have been waiting for the new Atlantic magazine.  Waiting for the Print-Love-Of-My-Life, Sandra Tsing-Loh, to satisfy my feminist sensibility w/ an article aboot Tiger Moms and how private schools are evil.

Instead, as I thumbed through the latest Atlantic, I came across a Clive James review of David Thomson's fifth edition of his The New Biographical Dictionary of Film.

When did women stop wearing hosiery? Why was not I consulted?
I got my ass as fast as I could to Barnes and Noble.  And now it is in my hands.  Thomson loves, lerves, luffs, Nicole Kidman and PT Anderson but I still love him, Thomson.

Just the most cursory glance, I see Thomson has finally written aboot Richard Linklater.  (He loves Me & Orson Welles nearly as much as me.) He has an entry on Bill Nighy(?!) Yet, I have not yet checked oot his opinion on Wes Anderson.

Surely, he will rave about 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days.  He'd better.  Or California Dreamin'

According to the book flap, Thomson has written 130 new entries for this edition.  And, apparently Thomson has updated near 300 of his old entries in this now thirty-six year old reference book institution.  

I will keep you updated as I devour this delicious meal of goat cheese salad, seared foie gras, bavette steak, and pot de creme.

(Thomson leerves himself some PT Anderson, that crappy oil film is the cover star here.  Hey, I still love Thomson.  We are allowed to disagree, right?)


Kisses, Mwah, ... 

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