Jun 24, 2011

It is near time to saying

She was a fantastic foil for Phil Hartman
Goodbye to Treme for at least a year.  HBO signed on for a third year but the ratings have not been very good, despite the excellent Game of Thrones lead-in.

Still, I expect that David Simon's cache should be enough to let him see his way to a proper conclusion of the series.  At least, I hope so.

The second season has been better than the first and I think hit its peak about halfway through.  It stalled a little bit then unloaded an absolute Masterpiece Mardi Gras episode and has then been getting just a tad bit gushy and sentimental in the last couple of episodes regarding two arcs in the same family.

I would like to throw out some heavy props to two of the actresses in the series:  Foul mouthed Oscar winner, Melissa Leo keeps showing the world what an amazing talent she is and Khandi Alexander, who has been severely under-appreciated her whole career, are both absolute joys to live with every week.

The Back of Town blog and Dave Walker's Treme Explained are absolute essentials for cultists.

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