Jun 28, 2011

Oh dear,

Michael got a serious hair up his ass.  This is a post response to a Libertarian friend.  I am so fucking tired of these half-assed excuses, that Dems and the GOP are not different.  That the GOP and Libertarians are different.  It is a fucking joke.  I will spell it out:  The GOP (and Libertarians) want to abolish the minimum wage.  They (both of them) would rather not see any restriction on banking, business practice, or Wall Street, period.  They (both of them) want to banish Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.  They (both of them) would like to abolish the Department of Education.  They (both of them) are virulently anti-choice and are drooling at the prospect of prosecuting pregnant women that are even considering abortion.  They (both of them) are super-excited about executing citizens, regardless of the evidence provided.  (i.e. Motherfucking Texas, where they do not give a rats' ass aboot the facts.  See Illinois, or The Thin Blue Line.)  That they (both of them, GOP and Libertarian) would love to live in a Belle Epoque world where kids worked for free, and did what they were told, and no motherfucking Government institution, or Union told them that kids could not work more than six hours.  That men, working in the coal mines in West Virginia deserved a fucking coffee break.

Hey, motherfucking, Libertarian chums, that want to abolish the unions, want tort reform, want no restrictions on bidness? Who is paying for the bridges you cross? Who is paying for  the Medicare benefit that was tapped out because your Libertarian/GOP Overlord (funded by the US Chamber of Commerce [your best buddies!]  fuckers installed damage caps? What will you assholes do when it is your turn to be fucked by the system? And you voted for tax cuts (again, sigh.)  I am sick to death of hearing aboot the difference between Dems and the GOP.  It is fucking displayed every single day in the decisions of the United States Supreme Court.  

We, the good guys, have lost.  The moneyed interests have won.  They are already hacking at Medicare.  And the asshole below, Ryan, has won the battle.  Despite the Teabagging votive that, "They are protecting the livelihood of their children," it is quite plain that they are raping their children to fill the coffers of those of us already v wealthy.  

We are, quite obviously, in a period not unlike that of the late 19th Century.  A period full of Union Busters, pro-business, the "Market Rules All", fuck regulations, serious bidness folks, that will share all the wealth w/ only the wealthiest of our citizens.  The rest of us can frankly, go to fucking hell.  

Where the fuck is FDR when we need him now?

Go to hell, you slick merchants of trickle down that ne'er does.

Go to hell, those that propose that Social Security deserves reform because you hate it so much, you fucking Hoover Republicans.

Go to hell, you assholes that beg for tort reform, yet call their lawyer the minute something hurts you or your family.

Go to hell, you dicks that cry bloody murder about massive government money, yet never acknowledge the help you have gotten.

Go to hell, all of you, you motherfucking secessionist assholes that would rather see your state and this country fail before help the black dude in the White House.

As my friend, Ted Fero says, "It's your karma."

You slick, Motherfucker, want to make all of us pay, so the Koch Bros can play croquet w/ their daughters.

And exactly how does the Libertarian Party differ from the GOP, ergo the Dems? Your standard bearer for the Libertarians, Ron Paul is anti-choice, would not have voted for the Civil Rights Act of the 60s, believes in absolutely no regulations or restrictions on "bidness", wants to abolish Medicare & Medicaid, AND Social Security.  These are all (silent) wishes of the GOP, your Libertarian Overlords.  The Dems do not want to do ANY of those things.  The Dems (and Unions) are the ones that brought you the fucking minimum wage (which Teabagging Legend Bachmann wants to abolish) and the forty hour work week and are against Tort Reform in all its' infamy.  There is a frickin' difference, damnitt.  I'm a frickin Social-Democratic, anarchist-leaning Lefty who sees that the Right has gone SO FAR, and been so co-opted by Big Bidness, as to reveal suddenly that the GOP are rejecting (albeit idiotic) payroll tax cuts.  Ron and Rand Paul are just the same as the GOP assholes that fund them and helped them get elected.  What is yor solution, Ted? You gonna vote for the Teabagging Christian GOP candidate or a Libertarian candidate like Paul, who is as messed up as I described above, not even a REAL Libertarian cause he's PRO-LIFE.  These yahoos in the Libertarian party are a sham.  It is easy to rail against war as a minority in the GOP, cause no one LISTENS to you! And Ron Paul is running as a mo-fo GOP Republican, not a Libertarian.  They are gutless stooges for the Chamber of Commerce.  Gosh, sounds like thje GOP!  What do you do for the working class? I get pissed at Obama, for sure.  I want us OUT of all our engagements.  10,000 soldiers are coming home next month.  Were you on the barricades like I was in 2003, stopping traffic on the Bay Bridge? What exactly were you doing as Bush 2 rolled up the deficit? Where was all this CONCERN, then? There is a frickin difference.  Did you know that it almost impossible to get an abortion (LAW OF THE LAND!) in Kansas now?  That the frickin courts stopped a legislative Planned Parenthood destruction in Indiana? I am about as left as you can get.  And I have used the whole, "They're all the same," canard a ton.  But only as a joke at parties.  There is a massive difference.  And if you believe the Paul Boys are any different, you are wrong.

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