Jun 6, 2011

Hobbits, Orcs, and John Galt.

Do the Paul Pere et Fils even know that Rand was a hard-core atheist?
Yup, for those folks still in arrested development, who never really grew out of their Lord of the Rings/Atlas Shrugged Junior High/High School phases, I have found a place for you.

In fact, it would really benefit all of us if you, the Rand-ites would just Go Galt, already and do most, if not all, your social networking right here. 

(Man, I am sooooooo tempted to sign up and check it out but there are two problems.  One, I imagine it has got to be worse than taking a handful of Seconals trolling there and two, I'd get kicked off in no time flat, trying to inject some life in to these fifty year old tweens.)

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