Jan 22, 2013

Happy fortieth birthday Roe v. Wade

There is a reason there are three branches of the United States' government:  The Executive,  The Legislative, and the Judicial.

From An Incomplete Education by Judy Jones and William Wilson

Sometimes the Judicial branch is the only way that the rights of a minority can be protected. Think of the thousands of lives and families that have benefited from this monumental decision. It is actually impossible to know the true and total impact this ruling has had on our nation.

That is one of the main reasons I hate state referendums and propositions, and why I almost always vote No on them regardless.  If we left everything to just the other two branches of government then segregation would still be alive and well today in many parts of our nation.

But, now I am just riffing on mistermix's excellent Balloon Juice post today and need to give him full credit.  mistermix is one of my fave bloggers lately.  And we think alike, too.  And, both like Elvis Costello.

So, all credit to mistermix.  And Andrew Sullivan can eat my shorts.

Michael David Spitler

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