Jan 3, 2013

Pretty much as I expected

The GOP got their lunch handed to them over this whole Fiscal Cliff Kabuki Theater.

The GOP had no leverage whatsoever in these negotiations, and were still able to get some v modest concessions from the Democratic camp, but on the whole got whupped.

The economy still stinks, of course, and there is no chance for more stimulus, or a jobs bill being put together.  Plus, the GOP will resort to more hostage taking when the Debt Ceiling needs to be raised in a few weeks.

Eric Cantor comes out the really big loser in all this, trying to go behind Boehner's back, and usurp him, while Boehner has preserved his speakership for the next term.

Nancy Pelosi, on the other hand, once again proved that she is one of the greatest House Leaders of either political party in decades, probably since Tip O'Neill.  Ms Pelosi is a masterful politician, and supreme vote whipper.  She always seems to know exactly how many votes she can count on, or rustle up, for all the legislation that passes by her desk.

The GOP, having been so thoroughly stomped on, naturally, decided to take their ball and go home, refusing to extend the Violence Against Women Act, and voting for Hurricane Sandy Relief. Creeps to the end.


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