Jan 19, 2013

I was not exactly super looking forward

To the Girls season two premiere last Sunday.  In fact, I was a tiny bit bummed that I would have to wait until April for season two of Veep.  Oh well, that will make for a nice birthday present for me from HBO, Armando Iannucci, Jesse Armstrong (also co-producer and co-writer for Peep Show), Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, and the rest of the gang.

Hannah! DTMFA!

Plus, I have desperately been trying to get the Wife all caught up on Downton Abbey.  (I will have a post on DA for you on Monday next.) We nearly watched Girls off-handedly, as a throwaway.

But Girls was superb, and I am all psyched up again for this new season.  There was a lot of sex in the opener, natch, but I loved a lot of the dialogue, and the fact that Ms Dunham is not afraid to shoot interior scenes in close to natural lighting.  The whole episode was particularly dark in terms of light and palette, which is refreshing because those are the kind of settings these twenty somethings would be living in.

And, of course, episode one would have been worth it for the character Adam's immortal quote, "When you love somebody, you don't have to be nice to them all the time."  This was a big favorite at our house, and has prob been Tumblr'd to infinity by now.

I still hate Adam.  I still hate Marnie, and I am not looking forward to her ensuing reconciliation with her old boyfriend, either.  And, I am still rooting for Shoshanna.

There will be ups and downs for me and Girls over the next two months, I am sure, but I am, looking to forward to the ride, nonetheless.


Looks like it is Girly Night Part Infinity times seven tonight! With Meghs and the Wife.  Woo-hoo!

Love you all,

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