Jan 21, 2013

I am not really all that jazzed up

About Obama's Inauguration today.  Not because I am displeased with Obama at the moment.  In fact, I have been supremely impressed with his leadership since winning re-election.  I am just more interested in the actual policy and politics of his presidency right now than the ritual show and drama.

I still do not think he will actually be able to get any ground-breaking or essential policy through an obstructionist GOP House, and I will not believe anything will be done about gun control until I actually see it.

But, he has forced the GOP to cave twice already.  The trillion dollar coin thing is a fantastic gimmick that he can keep in his back pocket if the GOP get all hostage mad again, and it has actually been quite fun watching Fox News lately, as a parade of GOP meat puppets splutter and bloviate incomprehensibly while Obama/Biden/Pelosi/Reid continue to hoodwink a fractured messed-up GOP-controlled House of Representatives.  I also think Lew will not be confirmed, and that Hagel will.

No, my favorite political story of the moment is the three day Come to Jesus confab that the GOP held last week where the Big Important Bidness Types told them to stop dicking around with the debt ceiling, and a pollster instructed them that rape is a four-letter word, and to never never never ever say it again out loud in public.  Jeez-Louise, right? Of course, they all still believe in Magical Ladyparts, but they should keep those beliefs to themselves, according to some In the Loop/Thick of It/Veep Tory Toddler Whiz Kid straight out of Dartmouth, I am sure.  What a bunch of hateful morons.  Really.


I am going to skip the Inauguration, and Fox News' coverage of it.  Today, I am going to clean and organize the computer room, work more on a large movie roundup post and hunker down with three films today:  Bergman's Summer with Monika, the documentary Searching for Sugar Man, and (for MLK day) Wattstax, or Respect Yourself The Stax Records Story.

Happy MLK Day everyone.  I hope we all have a splendid Monday!



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