Jan 12, 2013

More Women Michael Loves AND A Crucial Book

I am currently working on another massive movie roundup that would include my thoughts on the two latest Godard films that I treasure, Weekend and Vivre sa vie.

And, I can not tell you how tempting it is to get my copy of Against Interpretation off the book shelf, and read Ms Sontag's very famous words on Godard and Vivre sa vie.

But, I will not.  At least, until I publish my review, as such.

Actually, I have read Ms Sontag's essay probably a number of times before, but, as I had never seen the film until recently, none of the words or thoughts have been in even the slightest way retained by me.


Anyhoo, that is all I have for today.  Hopefully will see Amour sometime soon with the Wife.  I love you all, and everyone have a fantabulous (wow! they did not indicate a spelling issue w/ fantabulous!? It is a real word?) Saturday and Weekend.  (Ha ha.)

Here is Ms Sontag, a Woman Michael Truly Loves.
And here is the book she wrote that changed my life.
Mwah, ... 

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