Mar 24, 2013

And no

Significant gun control legislation is going to pass this time, either.

No matter what the tragedy or how much blood is shed, gun control will continue to be used as a political tool to fire up its supporters (and "reassure" the thousands of us touched by this nation's notorious and ugly and long history of gun violence.) But, when the donations start rolling in, and there are votes to be protected in difficult districts or states, so many of our "public servants" suddenly begin pointing fingers at the opposition, claiming their hands were tied, or they were obstructed, and do not have the decency or guts to stand up and do what it is right for this nation.

I apologize for this depressing cynical post on this beautiful Spring March Sunday.  But sometimes you just get so angry, and you feel you have to say something.

Everyone have a wonderful day anyway.  Curl up with Parade's End, go hiking or to the beach, watch March Madness, go to your favorite restaurant, hug your sweetie, or your kids, or your four legged furry kids.

I love you all,
Michael David Spitler

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