Mar 18, 2013

The Wife has expressed a sudden interest

In Loaded era Velvets, so I made her a cd today.

There was a period in time right before I moved out to California that I absolutely worshipped The Velvet Underground.

But -- despite the fact that I will always love their eponymously titled third record; their purest, and least calculated effort -- as I have grown older I have liked the Velvets less and less.  With each passing year they come across as hipper, cooler than thou, art for art's sake, more calculating, cold arch wannabes.

Which is funny because Steely Dan could most definitely be accused of all those same things, and for whatever reason they just keep sounding better and better as the years pass.

Anyroad, I still like The Velvet Underground, just not as much as I used to, and like I said, I will always treasure the third record.  It is the perfect after hours, after the party is over, hanging out with your friends, still drinking record.  Love it.

All my Monday love, 

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