Mar 15, 2013

Conversations w/ Nick C, Part Another (Beware The Bard!)

The other day at work, right before I left, I let Nick C and Andrew G teach me all about comic books.  I never got in to comics as a kid.  I read Cerebus, and maybe a few Green Arrow issues.

Like this, except with a hat, and a lute instead of a sword.  The Bard!

We talked about the political differences between DC and Marvel, how their respective Universes compared and contrasted, and they taught me about scores of super heroes I had never heard of. (Honestly, Namor sounds like a really dopey super hero -- sorry, Nick -- and The Punisher scares the pants off of me.  The Punisher is not a comic book hero I could ever get behind or support.)

So, I on the way home I decided to imagine what super hero I would be if I were one, and I came up with The Bard.

The Bard looks like an Elizabethan actor, natch.  The ruff, leather shoes, tights (of course!), plumed hat, poet shirt, etc, ... And his super powers are his amazing singing and acting abilities. He can assume any person's identity, and just by speaking can hypnotize and/or control his victim's mind.  Plus, when he sings and plays his lute he control the minds of large groups of people.  His normal day-to-day identity is Billy Shakes, a twenty-four year old grocery store stock boy, who leads a struggling band, The Players, gigging with them in clubs around town.

I thought it best that The Bard/Billy would inhabit the DC Universe, and would live in Metropolis. Nick C agreed with that, but suggested that The Bard would be better not as hero but a super villain, fighting Superman most of the time, constantly trying to take control of the world.  The Bard would also be chaotic evil (there's a D & D reference for ya!), preferring to manipulate the other villains, never working in concert with them, a lone wolf.

Then Nick C really took off with our idea.  The Bard would be a great villain for DC because any time any kind of new media sensation took hold DC could do a Superman/Bard book.  For example, The Bard could be like a Bill O'Reilly/Beck figure on cable news; a YouTube sensation; a host of a Survivor type reality program; the leader of the latest rock group fad, etc ... And Superman would always have to figure out that it was The Bard again in another identity, and that he must be stopped.

The Bard, naturally, would always be quoting Shakespeare, and Billy Shakes would be a pimply loser slacker kid with horn-rimmed glasses, "Paper or plastic, Miss?" or "If I had a girlfriend right now, she'd kill me." (h/t The Simpsons) That kind of thing.

Nick C is gonna draw The Bard and Billy for me, and I will post the photographs of the drawings at a later date.

Mwah, ... 
Everybody have a splendid Friday!


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