Mar 4, 2013

Good frickin' grief, I started seeing through

This guy's schtick years ago, right around the time of the Clinton Administration.

Bob Woodward, today, is exactly the same kind of guy he was as portrayed by Bob Redford in All the President's Men back in the Seventies.  A not too bright registered Republican without any real passion or conviction re policy or politics or people, who though handsome (back then) is severely lacking in social skills and graces, and since he is no great shakes as a writer or reporter, is supremely dependent upon others for his livelihood.

Back in the Seventies, Woodward's "others" were Carl Bernstein, Benjamin Bradlee, and Mark Felt, aka "Deep Throat".

I mean, no wonder Bernstein and his wife, Nora Ephron, kept trying to sex up Bernstein's character, as portrayed by Dustin Hoffman, in Bill Goldman's excellent screenplay for the film. They were worried Woodward would become the "star" of the production.

Which is exactly what happened.  Woodward became a Star Journalist, and Woodward's new "others", his new "Edge" became the classic Courtier Press VIP card that he was awarded sometime around the Carter Administration.  Big Time Bob was now allowed in the room while the Very Powerful Serious Folks argued about what best to do about the rest of us.

It has always been about the power of access for Woodward.  And, for big time book deals, and maintaining his vast Georgetown pile.  Never about you or me, dang it.  Or, all the kids that have died in our stupid military actions.  Or, the ever growing gulf between the haves and have nots in this country.  Because as long as Big Time Bob gets to sit at the Grown Ups Table, all is hunky dory in his world.

This explains Woodward's hissy fit last week.  And, his (sort of) retraction, too, when his slip was showing.

Why anyone would be paying any amount of attention to this tired old William Hurt from Broadcast News character is beyond me.  Do not feed the troll!


And, then there was this:

"I'm happy to blame the media...The thing that was frustrating to me is that people didn't really get to know Mitt for who he was. People weren't allowed to see him for who he really was."

-- Ann Rafalca Romney on Fox News yesterday.

(h/t Charlie Pierce.)

Gosh, if only Big Time Bob thought you guys were serious players, you might be in the Other Cool House right now.

No matter who you vote for, the Government always gets in.

All my Monday love,

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