May 2, 2013

"Dear Mr Rossellini --

"I saw your films, Open City and Paisa, and enjoyed them very much.  If you need a Swedish actress who speaks English very well, who has not forgotten her German, who is not very understandable in French, and who in Italian knows only 'ti amo', I am ready to come and make a film with you.

Best regards,
Ingrid Bergman"

It was that beautiful and ever so elegant, and eloquent, letter that sent off a chain reaction of events:  Ms Bergman went on to have an affair, and a professional relationship with Mr Rossellini, eventually divorcing her first husband, and having three children with Rossellini, including the exquisite Isabella Rossellini.

Once it was learned Stateside that Ms Bergman was living "in sin" with Rossellini she was censured by the United States Congress, and was blacklisted indefinitely from working in Hollywood.

She eventually returned, of course, and won two more Oscars, but that is so ludicrous to me, what those white men in power think they feel they have to say about a woman and her personal private life.  Screw 'em.

Ms Bergman is forever.  Nobody knows those yahoos' names anymore.


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