May 28, 2013

I know I say this every week now,

But I am officially "over" Mad Men.  I am watching from pure grisly fascination at this point.  And, it is not just me anymore.  (h/t to Melissa V-H for the link) Perhaps the real Mad Men backlash has begun at last?

Mad Men now is simply a new Twin Peaks.  Weird interior lighting on top of weird dirty soapy characters doing weird dirty things in front of wood paneled walls, or crazy 60s wallpaper. It is so weird! And dirty! And that wallpaper!

Hey Polanski, stop saying sexist shit at film festivals. I'm one of your biggest defenders but my patience is running thin.

(And this whole Sharon Tate Megan Manson family red star t-shirt connection just makes me roll my eyes, ...  And, what book will they read this week? I can not wait! Maybe some Thomas Pynchon book, like V or The Crying of Lot 49.  I should start a Mad Men Book Club Betting Pool here at work.)

See ya next week!


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