May 3, 2013

I am going to suspend reading Parade's End

This weekend, so I can read The Great Gatsby before I see the film next Friday.

(By the way, I am near done with the first of the four novels of the Parade's End tetralogy, and  it is definitely one of the greatest books ever written, as far as I am concerned.  The forty page Sylvia/Tietjens conversation that begins Part Two of the first novel is just out of this world amazing, with numerous major plot points just dropped in, or thrown away in conversation.  The whole dynamic of Sylvia and Tietjens' relationship is another stunner for the ages, and most certainly can resonate with modern readers.  It certainly resonates with me.  Just fantastic brilliant writing, including some crazy stream of consciousness passages that exhilarate.  Plus, the way young Miss Wannop stands up to Tietjens, and demands his respect, and goes toe to toe with him! And Sylvia, too, of course.  Tietjens only seems able to keep the company of strong, smart, forthright women.  Great stuff.  I could go on longer, but will not, ... )

My history with The Great Gatsby is I was required to read it in High School, but I do not even remember if I finished it.  I did not like it then.  It was completely wasted on me.  I simply refused to read anything I was told to read (except some books my parents pushed on me) and read other things, and wrote terrible love sick poetry, or poems about time or sunsets, or whatnot.

I expect I will really enjoy Gatsby this time, and am eagerly looking forward to it.

(Here are some more fun Criterion Three Reasons!)

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great day!

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