May 28, 2013

There have been some

Grumblings from the Interwebs re the new fourth season of Arrested Development, but I think the show is just fine.

"Play Misty for me, Clint."

(By the way, the Interwebs were not invented by Al Gore, as most believe, but by Graydon Carter and Kurt Andersen at Spy Magazine The New York Monthly back in the mid Eighties.  In fact, it is possible that Carter and Andersen might have invented Arrested Development, as well, in their spare time.)

I love the whole Rashomon structure, and watching all the pieces come together as the episodes unfold.  I think it is an absolutely genius way to get around all the actors' time and contract commitments -- though I would like to see a little more Jessica Walter.  I did not even notice the green screen thing until I read about it, so that is not a concern, either.

And, the Showstealer Pro gag is hilarious.

The funny thing is, Renee and I sort of liked Arrested Development, but were never obsessed with it or tempted to lay supine in its glory.  We might not have even seen all of season one, to tell you the truth. (And, I at least, even after enjoying season four so far -- half way through! Did not do the complete Memorial Day binge! -- do not have any desire to revisit the old episodes.) So, it is possible that the Wife and I are looking at this with much kinder eyes, and much of the humor seems fresher and tastier to us.

Which is great.

My favorite episodes have been the Lindsay ones so far, and I am not going to get all deep in to the Interwebs, trolling for info on if she has had face surgery on not.  Because I do not give a damn. Her episodes have been great.

(Last note:  Carter and Andersen mos def did not invent plastic surgery, but they might have invented the Rashomon structure.)

All my love,

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