May 11, 2013

I know, I know, I know, ...

Everybody and their Mum has already written a novel or a play, made a film, done a dissertation, or a song, or a power point, or a conceptual performance art dance piece about the year 1968.

"A young girl disturbed  by thinking too often of the future."

But, what the heck, I am officially throwing my hat in the ring, too.  I will be doing a 1968 Timeline here on fauxluxe over the coming months.  The Timeline will be distilled down to twelve longish pieces that will cover each month of 1968, perhaps the most tumultuous and thrilling year of the Twentieth Century.

May 1968 graffiti, Paris:  "Beneath the paving stones, the beach!"

It will not be all doom and gloom.  It will be a fun ride with lots of YouTube videos and serious and sometimes not so serious observations about the year in which I was born.

I plan to write the January installment sometime next week, and publish it here by Monday, May 20th (My Wife and I's second Anniversary!)

Right on,
Love you all,
Have a great Mum's Day oot there,
All you Mums,
Mwah, ... 

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