May 13, 2013

"I am an angry bird, and you are a pig!"

Veep has become insanely other-worldly good this season.  I do not even know where to begin. They got their first season under their belt, added brill new characters, and are even starting to throw in great new guest stars, i.e. the fabulous Dave Foley as the Finnish Prime Minister's husband last night.

There just is not any better show on television right now in my opinion.

What is intriguing is that the liberal political blogs are still reluctant to do live open threads about the program, or even frickin' use the hundreds of great lines in their postings.  This troubles me. Fair enough, if you do not like the show on its merits, but what I really suspect is that many serious Lefties can not take a joke.  (I also understand if folks do not like the program because of the swear-y language -- even though Lefties have been lambasting Winger blogs for being prudes for ages now.)

And, Lefties, including myself, have been ridiculing the Wingers for decades now as the Political Wing with Absolutely No Sense of Humor.  There is a lot of truth in that.  Wingers are getting busted by satirical websites daily, seriously embarrassed.  But, one of the most important characteristics of a sense of humor is the ability to laugh at yourself.

Even though Veep has never made a big deal about Selina Meyers (and the Administration's) political party affiliation, it is becoming increasingly obvious to viewers that she is a Centrist (just like all Democratic Veep and POTUS' since LBJ) Democrat.  And, if the "serious" political blogging Lefties can not deal with that, or are going to get up on their high horse about satirizing serious political issues, and how mean these folks are, then I give up.

I am 'bout the Leftiest guy any of you know, and I am still a pragmatic proud Democrat, too.  But, I also know that No Matter Who You Vote For The Government Always Gets In.

Mindbogglingly highly recommended, everyone should be watching Veep right now, best thing on teevee by miles.

All my love,
From the Axis of Dick,
Ardent Henry

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