Jun 28, 2012

I love how two of my friends at work (Updated 6/29/12!)

Celebrated Pride Weekend.

Both skipped the parade and thoroughly debauched their way happily, joyfully, with no guilt attached (None needed!) through the festivities.

Both spent a great deal of their time making out with complete strangers.  That is always good, in my book.  One got a date with a hot, rich (My sweet little gold digger!) choreographer, and the other might be rekindling an old romance.

"Everyone loves everyone."  That is what Pride means to me.


UPDATE 6/29/12:  Everyone knows that the Pride Kills statement I made yesterday has nothing to do with the sort of Pride that occurs during Pride Week, right? Totally different things.  Pride Kills is the name of a song I wrote with the McClung Bros back in my Suicide Doors days.  It is the best song I ever wrote (although Boutique Women is pretty good, too, and Sex w/ Strangers) and its sentiment is just as true today as it was back in 1998/9 when I wrote it.


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