Jun 16, 2012

Recent Conversations with Nick C, #4

We do not get it. 

Just what is the big deal about current Vanity Fair cover girl, Kristen Stewart? She is certainly not much of an actress, and I guess I can understand how folks would consider her pretty, but Nick C and I are definitely not fans.

From an acting standpoint, Nick C and I believe she is hired for the one "look" she can provide, that of the Perils of Pauline victim, the look that says, "Why are you wounding me?" or, "I am ready to be kissed now."

Not our thing.  It is probably just us, right?



Turn Me On Dammit has finally made it to the Bay Area.  Let us watch that fabulous trailer again, shall we, with that brilliant creepy Orson Welles song:

I read in the Chronicle review (they sort of liked it) that the film clocks in at only seventy-three minutes.  How cool is that? That is as long as Hitchcock's The 39 Steps and his first UK version of The Man Who Knows Too Much.  Maybe this will start a whole new trend of shorter movies? That would be great, but I doubt it will happen.

Anyhoo, Turn Me On Dammit has to be great because Jezebel loooooves it, and those ladies over there hate everything.


Plus, the sullen sultry Aubrey Plaza, an actress possessing a wealth of considerable comedic talent, gets her first starring role in a motion picture, Safety Not Guaranteed.  About time, say I.  I hope it is a solid indie hit for her and its' debut director, and I will be seeing it very soon.


And, just for kicks, here is another Chelsea Handler interview I am fond of, with Evan Rachel Wood, mostly for her description of how Kate Winslet helped her get through her "first full frontal" in Todd Haynes' superb Mildred Pierce for HBO.  

All my Saturday love for all, 
Mwah, ... 

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