Jun 20, 2012

"You will feel so much better."

"To the gay community all over this state, my message to you is:  So far a lot of people joined us and rejected Proposition Six and now we owe them something.  We owe them to continue the education campaign that took place.  We must destroy the myths once and for all, shatter them.  We must continue to speak out, and most importantly, most importantly, every gay person must come out.  As difficult as it is, you must tell your immediate family.  You must tell your friends, if indeed they are your friends.  You must tell your neighbors.  You must tell the people you work with.  You must tell the people in the stores you shop in.  You ... And once they realize that we are indeed their children, and we are indeed everywhere, every myth, every lie, every innuendo will be destroyed, once and for all.  And once, once you do, you will feel so much better."

Harvey Milk

You also gotta love Governor Moonbeam whispering in Jimmy Carter's ear to tell them to vote against Prop Six.

And, I still say you should always vote No on all state propositions.  There are parts of this country that would legalize segregation if it came up for a vote.


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