Jun 26, 2012

Thanks to Steve A at Alexia Moore and

Kristy B at Frog's Leap (I love Ms B's North Carolina accent) for helping make the Wife and I's little getaway so much fun.  We caught all kinds of special treatment, attention, and love from everyone up in the Valley.  It was a massive good time for the both of us.  Woo-hoo!

"I know you're a shrink, but Doctor, could you feel right here? That is where it hurts."

Now, it is back to work work work; inventory, crappy politics all week -- the SCOTUS ruling on ACA, jobs reports, the GOP's War on American Women™ (Shhhh, do not say, Vagina), the GOPs War on AG Eric Holder™ -- and whatever else this week of June decides to offer me.

But our getaway should help buffer for this week.  And, I am going back to the City to see Turn Me On, Dammit one more time before it leaves us for good.  So, I got that, right?

And, I think the next film I want to loan my friend, J, is Nic Roeg's Bad Timing.  I think that could just about hit the spot and is crazy esoteric and weird enough to intrigue him.

All my Tuesday love, kids! I am gonna channel some serious Poppy and we're going to make this week one of the best evah!


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