Jun 15, 2012

Recent Conversations with Nick C, #3


(Unless you are talking about certain types of wine, ... )

So, one of the running gags at work right now for me and my fellow Beer/Wine/and Cheese (that is what the Specialty team used to be called, and Whole Body used to be called Information -- but that was a billion years ago) teamies is a Greek wine we are selling as part of our National Top Ten program.  We think that perhaps we can save Greece's economy by selling a bunch of that wine, which is pretty good, by the way.

And I have been writing on the log of sample bottles for team members, whenever they take home a bottle of that Greek wine, "AUSTERITY DOES NOT WORK!"  

Which then led to Nick C asking me how he thought the new Socialist leader of France would or could change the French wine industry.  Which then led to our new modest proposal:

Great French Wine for the Great French People!

We propose that all the First Growth Bordeaux producers should set aside a modest amount of every vintage of their First Growths to be sold to regular working class folks of France for a set period of time, say, a week, a month, or maybe just a day, and all their finest wines for just that set period would cost ten euros.  Just ten euros.  There would be a limit on how many bottles one person or family could purchase.  I would suggest no more than two.

Let the regular folks taste the finest wines the world has to offer.

It is just an idea.

All my love,

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