Jun 18, 2012

Pride Week starts today, of course.

Pride Week is when San Francisco nearly turns in to Disneyland, The Happiest Place on Earth.

I remember way back in the late nineties going to a dyke bar with Nadja K and a bunch of her friends and kissing and hugging every single girl or guy on our way to the bar to order drinks. When Nadja and I finally got our drink orders in, Nadja looked at me and said, "I love Pride Week, everyone loves everyone."


Cool day set up for me today:  Going to lunch with a friend at Sidebar in Oaktown; and then heading to the City to go see Turn Me On, Dammit.  So, part of my day is a Me Party, which I have been having a lot more of recently, which is great.


Trying to stop rereading the same books over and over, and work on reading new books.  I am kicking off this new campaign (I always want to spell campaign with an e at the end, like Champagne, and always have to lop off the e right after I type, ...) with a book I have had my eye for years but finally bought, Ava Gardner "Love Is Nothing" by Lee Server.  It is a great biography. She had a tumultuous, crazy life.  And I have always loved difficult artists.  And Ms Gardner also did not give a fuck what other people thought of her, and said whatever she wanted to say, an attribute I also always admire in others.


Euro 2012 is going okay.  The Russians got knocked out and the Czechs broke.  Germany is doing well, my pick to win it all.  France is looking in good form.  Spain looks great.  I still can not stand Italy, England, or (especially) Portugal, and they all look to make the Quarters, but there has been some lovely football on display at times and I am getting excited for the knock out stages.  

But I am still even more excited about next month's Women's Football Tournament at the London Olympics.  


The Summer is heating up and the knives are seriously out for Obama on Fox News.  Yeh, big surprise, right? I love how Juan Williams has now become the official surrogate for Obama on FNC, and gets yelled at three or four times a day, as if Williams is Barack Obama.  Of course, Williams gets paid quite a bit of money to absorb such abuse, so, you can not feel too sorry for him.  Anyhoo, ...

That is all I got! Everyone have a splendid wonderful Monday and try and do at least one little something special for yourself even if it is naughty or decadent.  


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