Jun 9, 2012

Recent Conversations with Nick C, #1

Wes Anderson is Karl Marx's nightmare.

Anderson makes films so detailed and fetishistic that he creates konsumterror in his cultish fans by creating demand for products that do not exist, are not even on the market.

Think of the Adidas Team Zissou shoes in The Life Aquatic, or the paintings and books and records in The Royal Tenenbaums.

Right now there are thousands of fans desperate to purchase, acquire Suzy's young adult fiction books (each one created by a different artist for the film), or Khaki Scouts shirts, complete with distinctive commendation badges.

It is the most ingenious and perfect sort of "Product Placement" I have ever seen in film.

Absolute genius.

Just read this.

End o' the week, hoo-ray!
All my Saturday love,

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