Jun 6, 2013

In just a little over three

Weeks it will be Pride here in the wonderful Bay Area.

Which could prove interesting, because do not forget, that sometime v soon, around the time that SCOTUS will completely eviscerate the Voting Rights Act, SCOTUS will also rule on Prop 8.

Literally, any day now.

I am sticking by my original positions:  They will either rule that the Prop 8 folks have no standing, meaning that the most recent court decision will be upheld, i.e. Prop 8 was unconstitutional in the state of California, and the Prop 8 folks would have to launch yet another appeal using a different method of attack -- and we would desperately need the California Supremes to lift the stay on Prop 8, so that could Marriage Equality would be the law of the land until the Prop 8 folks get their sorry act together for another stab at hatefulness.

Or, it could play out like this.

This could be one of the greatest Prides ever.  Or, an ugly depressed angry one.

Stay tuned, kids.

Mwah, ... 

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