Jun 7, 2013

In my experience the best issues of Vanity Fair

Are the ones w/ a dude on the cover, like this most recent issue w/ Brad Pitt as the cover star.  I figure that they put all the really good writing in to the dude covers b/c they definitely never sell as well as the ones with hot young actresses out front.  (Or any of the issues w/ Jackie O or Marilyn on the cover -- lord, am I over the frickin' Kennedys and Norma Jean.)

Anyroad, over the last few weeks I have been reading aloud to the Wife all these great articles in the most recent Brad Pitt Vanity Fair.

She has learned all about the Manti Te'o kerfuffle -- we both think he is a closeted gay, who perpetrated the "catfish" himself w/ the other dude, so as to garner publicity for himself and Notre Dame, and to hide his personal sexuality; and we do not think Notre Dame was complicit in the scam, but most def had a bit of a cover up themselves until after the National Title game and the Heisman Trophy announcement -- and about Pistorius, the "Blade Runner", who we both think most certainly murdered his girlfriend, and will almost certainly get away with it.  We also learned that South Africa is not a good place for women, w/ astronomical "femicide" and rape rates.  (Note to self, Renee sed, Never go to South Africa.)

Ms Bethany McLean, my badass Wall Street Muckraker

Plus, we learned about how Steve Cohen needs to be taken down, and thrown in the slammer for insider trading.  (My girl, Bethany McLean, was a co-writer on that great, v easy to understand article.) And, we learned about this huge cubist painting donation coming to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

(I have not even read her the Instagram article yet, either.  This weekend!)


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